Transforming Crisis Into Opportunity



By Gus D. Jaeploe

With deep-rooted determination and unwavering focus amidst tons of misguided criticisms coupled with condemnations propelled by small-mindedness in the age and time of our country, saddled with the  Ebola scourge-a menace totally foreign to our ‘problem solving think-tank’; the President of Liberia, maintaining a level-head, has set the platform upon which the people can transform crisis into opportunity.

The reflection of this new found inspiration and neo-roadmap places a cardinal challenge before all Liberians no matter where you may be, your religion, culture and backgrounds to be regimented in the true spirit of collective nationalism wherein the beauty, power and strength of the unity of purpose can overcome the Ebola-imposed insurmountable obstacles; thereby reaping the praiseworthy harvest of an imbued sense of belonging.

This platform re-invents all Liberians to clearly and selflessly see and put the supreme interest of the survivability of the country from such destructive and death-driven Ebola virus now diminishing almost all the values this glorious land of liberty stands for and cherishes so much and far above all else.

Through it all, the President has demonstrated and nurtured the finest tenets of democracy by opening the door for the flow of all views including the opposing and critical ones; the immediate institution of an inquiry team without camouflaging, to investigate the West Point Shooting, a move graciously embraced, admired and appreciated by the United States Government through its mission accredited near this capital.

In these difficult times that put the soul of a nation on trial, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, optimistically courteous and with a steadfast composure, has been at the helm of unfolding developments; and with a calm nerve, continues to progressively conduct the course of action in the fray to contain and at last expel the Ebola nightmare from this country by brilliantly displaying the art of “crisis management and damage control” now generating dynamic dividend.

President Sirleaf has been exploring succinctly, the popular philosophy of interconnectivity which reflects that we’d, time after time be our brothers’ keepers; by the same token, knowing that no man is an island; that even an island is a part of a country; as a country is a part of a continent and a continent a full blown part of the one world we so dearly share; truly, by and large, the expedition is genuinely paying off with positive signals.

Out of this crusade, the President with clear conscience and love for country and people has connected with good, powerful and traditional as well as other warm, tender and people-centered friends with vast resources and superb experts and professionals in diverse disciplines in assisting Liberia to eradicate the Ebola scourge.

This brilliant approach is a stitch in time as evident by the arrival of over 3,000 troops from the United States and a wide range of experts from many countries including the People’s Republic of China to join the Liberian people; indeed a big boost in the fight against Ebola and not resting until it is completely kicked out of this for-now embattled-nation.

With this magnificent joint-venture, it has been glaring that we are not alone anymore; that the virus is not an exclusive health problem for Liberia in particular and some countries in the western sub- region of Africa in general rather a grave threat to global security as President Barack Obama noted, Ebola is determined to undermine the progressive function of economies in countries currently affected while posing a grave security threat globally which must be fought vehemently with collective concern and efforts.

Also commendable with dynamic impact in the Ebola fight that is now experiencing a down-ward trend is the pool of resources and funding contributed by several financial institutions including the World Bank Group, the African Development Bank and many humanitarian organizations and philanthropists, whose profound interest and efforts have strengthened the veins of Liberia to offensively unleash an all-out war on the virus now retreating.

At this juncture, and with all progressive reflectors and promising indicator, it has become a proven theory that it requires collective global efforts to stamp out Ebola and stop it from spreading to other parts of the world. In view of the praiseworthy demonstration exhibited in Liberia coupled with such esteem quality of a matured leadership in times like these; we, with hats off pause and say, bravo Madam President.

Amidst all the twists and turns, “The government continues to lead the fight which we cannot surrender now, while our international partners continue to give us all the technical support in this fight”, Liberia’s Information Minister Lewis G. Brown maintained.

It is often said that tough times don’t last, only tough people last; this we hold so true. Despite the present disturbing Ebola’s death rate, and as pathetic as it is, surely the death of one Liberian from the Ebola virus is a massive pain and a great blow to the nation; although the raging Ebola virus has stamped its nefarious-death-driven poison on the skin of the battle, make no mistake and don’t be fooled into thinking because it will not win the war; the resilient people of Liberia will win the war in collaboration with their determined partners and sincere friends.

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