In Times Like These


Considering how this Ebola scourge has pierced every fabric of our country to the extent of shaking the very foundation of the core values of society; it is incumbent upon every Liberian more than ever before to collectively; despite status, fame, doctrine or selfish-motive and obligation, to form a united front and battle from toe to tooth in order to save this glorious land of liberty from the dreadful attack of the invisible and silent enemy that has forcefully cowed this nation to submit to the intensive care unit of dilemma.

As the world has seen and realized that what is obtaining in Liberia in particular, and Sierra Leone and Guinea in general is no longer an isolated phenomenon driven by fear rather a vivid fact of human tragedy propels by the dangerous crusading Ebola virus now clearly branded threat to global security; we on the home front must sober up and ensue that Ebola is defeated and kicked out of Liberia.

Vivid writing on the wall has shown that it can be and with the level of cooperation, support and total involvement of friendly countries and our partners in progress; yes indeed we can win. In times like these all focus should be placed on mounting a fierce fight that will make the ground very hot that Ebola will not find a breathing space. In times like these, make no mistake that this is our fight and be it under thunder, lightning, rain or fire victory is certain that Ebola will be defeated.



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