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Liberia’s Ebola Battle: A War Without Front line

January 8, 2015


Monrovia January 8 (LINA)-Liberians are not strangers to living in a hostile environment and terrifying harsh terrains. As evidenced that the very country has been through a series of power-greed-driven political conflicts, primary among them being the country’s bloody civil conflict that lasted from 1989-2003.

The experience of Liberians during the conflict was not only mean, vain and bitter, but also agonizing that no Liberian would ever want to go back to war upon being tormented with the toughest and roughest treatment of disrespect to the lowest denominator thereby being left with insufficient respect to share.

Then came a new enemy named and styled notorious Ebola Virus the menace that unleashed a battle dubbed a war without frontline. This disaster master swept precious Liberian lives with the fastest speed to the world of the dead while being unconcerned about honor and disgrace.

In the same vein, Ebola the menace overwhelmed every factor of production thereby bring the operations of the country to its knees; upon inflicting thousands others totally reckless and helpless with the venom of the crusading scourge of the virus.

Nonetheless, many who have survived that bitter experience are alive today to see their beloved country once more go through another excruciating nightmare and threat this time not from the usual bombardments which are the regular characteristic of war, but the deadly Ebola virus.

To keep safe from the Ebola Virus, the rules are simple. Firstly one must avoid close contact with bodily fluids of an infected person, including sweat, vomit, blood and others…Similarly, people are required to observe several hygienic practices which include washing of hands and body with solutions containing chlorine or bleach to ensure safety.

Ebola is a virus that kills up to 95 percent of its victims, and the many deaths it has triggered in Liberia has reminded the  people about the country’s past civil crisis which almost erased the nation from the face of the planet. Ebola the menace is currently heartlessly and mercilessly tearing down population in Sierra Leone having sucked thousands of Guinean and Liberian lives to the great beyond.

Amongst other factors that led to more fear and an artificial panicking situation in the country, was the World Health Organization (WHO) projection which grimly estimated the massive and unrealistic number of deaths that the three Mano River Countries of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone would have accrued if partial complacency would have been the hallmark of response efforts.

In one of his regular press conferences, Information Minister, Lewis Brown, asserted that “Ebola knows no boundary, tribe, race, religion or profession; it is an enemy that attacks from anywhere and no one knows where its next target is….because it kills uncontrollably.”

Liberia is currently fighting to contain the Ebola disease, with evidence of its possible containment beginning to surface as nine out of 15 counties has for over 21 days reported “Zero” incidence of the deadly hemorrhagic Ebola virus.

Soon Liberia will prevail as news considering the country’s progress and success which can now be matched to the period when the nation civil conflict was retarding with numerous peace accords being held through the instrumentality of UN and ECOWAS.

The evidence are glaring that Liberia has adopted a robust and pro-active approach to transcend the odds in an unusual warfare containing fierce, merciless and invisible nemesis, as the influx of local and international response remains a clue to demystifying the nation’s future.

Liberians are resilient people, this speaks to the fact that the nation amongst the three Mano River countries in defiant of this unusual adversary stood the test of time, robustly galvanizing support and putting forth more survivors to testify against the brutality they experienced.

We can never forget this battle as it will always remain a resounding historical fact that will be told to posterity that Liberians as a people and nation flourished in the midst of gruesome difficulties, and aggressively battled a deadly disease  in a war without borders and no frontline in genuine political will-power of partners like the great and mighty United States of America, the European Union, African Union, Economic Community of West African States many western countries including renowned global financial institutions as well as many well-meaning individuals and organization  whose collective concerns, interests and efforts have landed Ebola the menace on the back foot. With every hope that Ebola will and must be eradicated from Liberia- The curtain has dropped. It’s just the matter of time.