“Slow Leak”



One mystical day in March

An unthinkable death-driven nation-crippling wind

Belched from across a nearby border into this once

War-wrecked nation leaving all living things trembling

And chilling in quandary as the frail war fatigue population

Gravely shrinks to the death melody of Ebola.


Did it come on the mid-night cloud-loaded with sorrow,

Agony, grief and misery? Oh!  How could it trek that route?

Did it enter the land like thief at the time day and night could not

Come to an end? So true!  But one thing is surely certain that Ebola

Did not need an environmental adaptation refresher course;

No appetite for seminar or workshop on how to unleash its gruesome

Vernon; and now it heartlessly commands the scourge-earth crusade

Through the reign of terror.


The incursion of this nefarious life-snatcher is grotesquely milking this

Nation close to non-existence- It has unruly disrupted every set pattern

And norm of life cutting the powerful veins of traditional, cultural, socio-                                            politico-economic Doctrines-

My dear ones wallowing in the theater of fear-prone uncertainty;

Since Ebola drew the line in the blood soaked sand… no one can put foot.


When the post-Ebola history is ever written, churches will scream for being

Robbed out the many bodies that were rushed out of their domains without                                        souls…

Funeral parlous will weep on bended knees for presiding over balance sheets

Saddled with ‘dragon red’; as the graves become overwhelmed with famine;

There are still up to this moment skulls, skeletons and cremated body-dust

Wailing and gushing fresh blood while coffin shops struggle to nail Ebola with

A writ of injunction and forced indictment.


See what has happened to our nation; we are now being picked from among

People although we are all going the same way and place-our nation is in                                             severe  Pain;

Ebola…so strange to our problem solving think-tank has flattened the nation’s

Air sac and punched up the lungs of the land-

The entire country is oozing from slow leak.


Those with big knowledge and can see through steel walls keep echoing

That Ebola is a lazy warrior, but its invisibility and invincibility send a rattling

Signal that make no mistake… for there’s no joke in snake’s mouth.

Indeed Ebola is declared lazy yet it has successfully and fearfully paralyze

Every ounce of being the way we were…and exposed the weaknesses swept

Under the rug of more incarcerated questions than answers.


Ebola! Ebola! Ebola! And Ebola again!

Remember what made you uneasy in the Congo?

How you’re rushed in Uganda and now you’ve become a reckless

Loose cannon firing indiscriminately in a land that has not invited your

Attention nor interfered with your temper- yet you’re savaging and

Rampaging its population with your cutting knife of death.


Ebola, Ebola…whose mission are you on?

Who bankrolls the cost of the destruction you are inflicting on a land

That has never planted seed with you of which you’re reaping a harvest

Of precious lives and a near breakdown national growth and development?

Ebola…it will not continue like this perpetually; you came,

You sank the nation in despair; keep in your fragile mind with blank stone                                          heart of   Eroding Kingdom that the fight has just begun; and as victory is for                                     us and the land.

Despite your raging slow leak

You will flee this land of resilient people and partners;

That’s when you’ll know and see the tallest chickens after the rain.

-Gus D. Jaeploe



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