The Camel’s Back Is Weak

    When Sirleaf’s government upon its inception declared corruption as public’s enemy number one in a society that entire fabrics have been polluted with that virus, most Liberians without critical second thought wholeheartedly embraced the pronouncement, believing that they were now set to say fareware to business as usual.

   But months later, they have come to realizing that the business of waging an all out war on this enemy of decency, growth and development for any determined people and society was being done with an apartheid motive…meaning certain group of Liberians from the  congo hegemony would be heavily protected no matter how deep they may find themselves plastered with the disgraceful mud of corruption. In fact, this congo hegemony comprised the the little elite whose fore-fathers yoked this country for over a hundred years until they were removed in a bloody military coup. This coup kept them out of cirrculation in the political corridor for years, until the nation was plagued with a long period of bloodbath that saw people killing each other-a war believed to be teleguided by influential offsprings of the smashed hegemony.

   Today in Liberia,  elements outside the privileged-elite have been dismissed from the government’s job for being hooked in corrupt act, whereas elements from the privilegd-elite who have been exposed by investigation and audit reports, are quickly transferred to another ministries, and the beat goes on thus making complete mockery of the fight to expell or at least make the land very unpleasant and uneasy for corruption to have a field day as it now seems.

   With the high speed that corruption is moving with seeing public corporations exposed for recklessly siphoning  public funds, the classification of the Sirleaf’s government being rated three times more corrupt than previous governments coupled with that leadership’s inability to act swiftly in the supreme interest of the state, people and the growing democracy, many people are expressing high degree of skepticism about the way forward collectively with strict adherance to the rules of good governance, let alone the battle to make substantial progress in the poverty reduction strategy now currently being over publicized than witnessing any fruitful and meaningful headwayin the capital Monrovia.

   The nation so badly trapped in the web of corruption and with nothing drastic coming from the authority to curb the national nightmare no matter whose neck appears on the line  and with several government’s ministries and agencies are feasting in corruption, the future of the country is becoming very worrisome. The question being asked now especially since the government ended a fresh retreat in a city  called Kakata amidst screaming banner headlines in the lacol newspapers about rampant corruption, only to hear that officials of government have been cautioned to shape up or shape out-breeze! hot air,  and as mentioned earlier, the question now asked is: What has made the camel’s back weak? And indeed to a larger extend, the camel’s back is weak.s


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