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Meeting Liberia Through The Global Mirror

October 11, 2008

    I’m a journalist from a country(Liberia) that nearly bled itself to complete disappearance born out of the quest of greed for power, sheer  disrespect for others’ rights to exist freely without caving in to the heartbeats of elements who always find pleasure in using people to promote, protect and if possible die for their interest and achievements.

   As a journalist, I’ve witnessed years, to be exact, 14 years of total bloodletting sanctioned by so-called revolutionaries and liberattors with vested ulterior motives to propel themselves into the political arena through which they will sit pretty in obtaining state power. In so doing, they used brothers against brothers to perpetuate their grand design…a process that reduced the nation’s population of a little over two million by 250,000.

    This was the period of the history of Liberia when guns made major decisions as the whole world in the beginning was taken by a breezy surprise that  forrced it to deveelop cold feet amidst the wailing and bitter cries from the struggling citizens, calling on the world and all men and women of goodwill and human touch to come and save them from the shackles blood, sweat, tears and death. Despite these outreach loud cries, the global politics nefariously contributed to the delay of the flight of intervention and justice.

    This era in the history of Liberia saw children killing anyone including relatives. the total breakdown of law and order, the mass exodus of people fleeing to different countries as refugees in search of a safe haven to save their skin. Such was the period when a whole generation of young Liberians born at such time knew nothing about home training, education and the respect for the rule of law They were born with the gun, grew up with the guns and drugs- their only playground was the active blood-prone battle fornt. No interest in upholding the decency of labor. as all they know is to get anything their hearts desire through the intruction of the guns, and looting became a culture to keep amassing wealth on a  duty-free visa.

    At last, wheen the assistance started to filter in through a regional force called ECOMOG, with inmixed international backing, the dimension of the civil crisis turned vicious as the leading rebel group, the National Patriotic Front of Liberia(NPFL) became seriously opposed to the intervention of the multi-national force with the unshakeable mandate to keep, maintain and enforce tthe peace. This became an uphill battle that not only divided the country, but kept the people hostage for years, as the politicians and their extended collaborators as well as the military heavyweights continue to have and enjoy their honeymoon at the lives of the suffering people and the destructtion of the country including all the factors of production. This was the worst of time in the life of our once beloved country cherished for peace and love for all those who visited or lived there before this national nightmare dubbed: civil war. showed its terrifying colors.

   siInce then, the entire mentality of the  society towards each other for the most part, is imbued with mistrust, suspicioius mind and a still deep-rooted taste of bitter division. The senseless war, as we now know it to be did not pave to way for greater achievement ans the saying goes,”destruction can be tthe cause of rebuilding” rather, our destruction has led us into a separate world highly chargwed with truma with everyone hustling ways and means to  use others as scapegoats, while spending all the useful times designing avenues to pass the buck and remain “angel clean” through the global mirror.

      The scar of this war which lives  fresh on the minds of the people, mainly those who could not make their out of the country during the hey days, will not not disappear any ttime soon, as long as people continue to fertilize those vices that almost eraced Liberia from the map of the world. Until we can learn to learn again, avoid being vendetive no matter where we may find ourselves, quit the attitude of pick and choose and divide and rule and begain to see each other as a total human with all rights to start from rags to riches at the sametime being responsible for things we do wrong, with the  golden opportunity to be accorded the due process of law, this scar shall forever remain a dangerous cancer on our skin as Liberians and a badly degrading killing virus on the image of our once glorious land of liberty, now fighting vehemently to survive in the intensive care unity of globalism.


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October 11, 2008

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